Use Vinegar For Softer Line-Dried Clothing

Use Vinegar For Softer Line-Dried Clothing

The weather’s not always perfect for line-drying clothing, but when it is use these tips to ensure you get great results — more softness and less stiffness and wrinkles.

Photo by mariagl.

If you’ve experimented with line drying clothing you know well the downsides. Clothing dried on a line tends to be stiff, jeans especially dry so stiff that it feels like you have to crack them just to put them on. At the green-lifestyle blog Planet Green they’ve put together a list of tricks for getting better results from line drying. To deal with the stiffness they suggest vinegar:

Use vinegar in your rinse cycle to avoid stiff clothing. I often hear people complain that when they line dry their clothing (especially jeans and towels), it ends up stiff and scratchy. Using just a half to three-quarters of a cup of vinegar per load, added just before your rinse cycle starts, will keep your clothing soft. Don’t worry about any vinegar odor—it disappears as the clothing dries.

For more line trying tips including how to keep shirts wrinkle free check out the full list at the link below. Have a favourite tip for drying clothing without a dryer? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

Tips for Line Drying Your Clothes [Planet Green]


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