Use Google Docs For Quick, Disposable Collaboration Without A Google Account

Real-time collaboration tool Google Docs is handy for simultaneously working on projects with multiple people, but it requires a Google account for all users. The new Google Docs Demo creates quick collaborative documents with a 24-hour shelf-life, no Google account necessary.

The Google Docs Demo includes the ability to create documents, spreadsheets and drawings. The document is shareable via a copy-and-paste link, which can be sent to any user. Documents created are only available for 24 hours before they're deleted from Google's server, making it good for short-term collaboration, like if you just want to quickly work some ideas out with a coworker or a friend but don't need persistent storage.

Unfortunately, it's not as fully featured as Google Docs proper, and it would be cool if these instant workspaces weren't just temporary — like Etherpad was before Google bought it. You can't save a document to your computer, but you can print it. Similarly, Google Spreadsheet's in-built chat feature does not work with the demo.

Hit the link below to start your own document, or for fun, try joining other Lifehacker readers here. (Note: That link should stop working after 24 hours.)

Demo: Google Docs [Google via TechCrunch]


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