Use A Cheap Bracelet To Fix Your iPhone 4 Signal Woes

You've got a new iPhone and you're a bit blue because apparently you've been holding phones wrong your whole life. No need to buy an expensive case to fix your phone-holding habits and weak-signal woes. Fix it with a cheap bracelet.

The iPhone 4 has reception issues wherein if you hold the phone low and with your hand wrapped around the bottom half of the phone you get terrible reception. Many people hold their phone in such a fashion. If you've got a new iPhone and you've noticed your reception seems pretty awful you can either change the way you hold the phone — easier said than done! — or you can take a simple and cheap bracelet and stretch it around your iPhone as a lightweight "case" to resolve your reception issues.

The bracelets in question are the silicone-like charity bracelets that have been popular over the last few years, made most famous by the Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" campaign and their bright yellow bands. You can get them from vending machines or just keep an eye out during your daily travels where they are readily available at checkout counters in support of various charities. Check out the link below to see how one inventive iPhone owner modified his $US1 bracelet to uncover the charging port and buttons. Thanks gre9del!

DIY Ghetto iPhone 4 Case From a 99c Bracelet [The iPhone Guru]


    I wouldn't mind knowing why the aerial gets affected, is it a static thing? Or I wonder is it a pressure problem? If I had an iPhone I might go for a piece of foil with a rubber band. In any case I'm sure there will be a mod in time to fix any issue. Rubber bands and bangles sort of detract from the overall "coolness" factor somewhat......

    Apple's "Do thing our way" has struck again.
    so far;

    Your holding our phone all wrong!
    Only iTunes can manages your phone.
    You can only have the apps we allow.

    did I forget any?

    @stephenF the issue is our hands being electrically conductive and connecting the two bits of metal that make up the antenna- foil is probably not going to provide the fix you're looking for.

    tbh the bracelet thing looks pretty good, however if a simple silicon band works, does that mean that putting it in a silicon case will also not effect the signal.

    Just look at it this way. If you plug an AUX cable into a stereo to play an Mp3 player of such through it, but instead of connecting it to the mp3 player, you hold it, it creates undesired noise.

    I'm guessing this is similar to the antanea, interfering with it, reducing signal.

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