ToRead Sends Article Text Straight To Your Inbox

ToRead Sends Article Text Straight To Your Inbox

If you put nearly everything in your Gmail or other inbox, why not send long articles there for later reading? Free text-stripping and mailing service toread offers a bookmarklet that sends whatever you click right to your email.

ToRead was around way back when — or, at least, way back in web years — before free webmail offered such robust storage and smartphones offered instant email reading. ToRead has kept up with the times, too, offering iPhone/iPad-friendly bookmarklets and honing its text simplifying powers. Plus, as commenter PrarieMoon points out, it’s a smart way to save the text of articles as they are at that moment, regardless of later edits or site shutdowns.

ToRead (technically “toread”) is a free service that should work from any modern browser.


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