The Procrastination Test Finds Your "Procrastination Hotspots"

Behaviour blog Psychology Today's procrastination test determines how likely you are to put things off and identifies your most problematic procrastination patterns.

Photo by manu contreras.

The procrastination test establishes a baseline about your pre-existing tendencies and "procrastination hotspots" by asking you to rate statements like "Procrastination comes naturally to me" and "I have a habit of showing up late" as "not me", "somewhat like me" and "like me". The test relies on your own self-assessment, so it's only accurate as long as you're truthful about your personal habits. Once you finish the test, the site helps you interpret that score.

If you give it a go, share how you fared in the test in the comments.

A Procrastination Test to Uncover Procrastination Patterns [Psychology Today]


    Looks like an interesting test... I'll do it later.

      Haha, words of a true procastinator.

    I just got a 23 out of 30. Uh... whoops. But I've always known I've got a procrastination problem, I procrastinate to the point that it slightly affects my school scores and severely affects my stress levels. Thanks for the link though, I didn't know about that blog. I'll do some reading now :)

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