The Optimum Desktop

Reader nitzua's pixel-perfect desktop customises pretty much every single element of the display down to the finest level of detail, with a custom theme, LiteStep configuration, and a ton of resource hacks.

The desktop is a combination of:

  • Operating system - windows xp sp2
  • Visual style - deep mod of area o4 by heylove
  • Litestep - me, built on top of this theme
  • Wallpaper - from iamfreeman's 'black background' set, i brightened it a little
  • Icons – blank
  • Firefox - custom theme, userchrome.css, & start page
  • Mirc - running nnscript, theme by me
  • Resource hacks - explorer menu bar, notepad
  • Miranda - clist_classic, srmm_mite, icons by me
  • Zeed image viewer - image from this post over at stax&cane
  • Other apps - y'z shadow, runboxxx

This desktop not your style? Why waste time complaining? Instead, get started creating your own killer desktop with the easy-install Rainmeter 1.1 package and show the world what you can do. Of course, using Rainmeter isn't a requirement — you are more than welcome to use any of the best desktop customisation tools to turn your desktop into a productive work of art.

The Optimum Desktop [Flickr]


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