The New Hotmail Rollout Starts Now

Hotmail starts rolling out its new and improved features today, bringing integration with Office Web Apps, a nice new email "sweeping" feature, and up to 10GB file attachments through Windows Live SkyDrive. Not bad. (If you're an Aussie and spot the new features activated in your account, let us know in the comments.) [The new Hotmail is rolling out now!]


    Am I the only person that went straight to that article, hit ctrl+f and searched for "IMAP"?

      Fraid so. Its not something I'd expect so easily.

      I think activeSync exchange support is better than IMAP, at least from an iPhone POV. My GF will love this if it does work with the iPhone, now all they need to do is relax the suspend account for not logging in period a bit.

        Although i want exchange support for outlook, i dont wanna use no stinkin connector, so ill probably just stick with gmail.

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