The Best Supermarket Meat Pies

Apparently, Australians eat 18,500 tonnes of meat pies every year, which potentially adds up to a whole heap of grease and not much meat. Choice has ranked the meat content and overall nutritional value of supermarket meat pies.

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It's no surprise that bargain-basement brands don't score highly (the You'll Love Coles pie doesn't even meet the meat content requirements). However, the top-ranked pie overall, the Elmsbury Bakehouse Premium Grain Fed Beef Pie, comes from Aldi, which isn't necessarily a result you'd expect. At $3.99 for a two-pack, it's not a particularly cheap pie, but as Choice says, it has "good meat content, was comparatively lower in fat and sodium, and tasted good". While the full results are only available to Choice subscribers, you can get an overview from the media announcement below.

More than meats the pie [Choice]


    Agriculture contributes nearly a quarter of the world's greenhouse pollution, overwhelmingly from livestock production.

    People living in developed countries such as Australia eat roughly their own weight in meat every year, consuming more than 80 kilograms each, or about 224 grams a day.

    That is the equivalent of almost two quarter-pounder burgers every day. The daily average in developing countries is 47 grams.

      So who ate all the pies, Phil?

      Mmmmmm - green house gas emission quart pounder burgers...


      Your point, Phil? Do you have an alternative to agriculture?

      On topic, Scotts pies are my favourite cheap supermarket brand (as mentioned below).

    The Four and Twenty pies are now just parcels of gristle, even their top of the range set. Last year I reported 3 out 4 pies in a pack being full of unchewable matter to their manufacturer Patties Foods.

    Their response was basically thanks for the information and no offer of refund or replacement. That sounded like a perfect invitation to never buy any of their products again.

    $3.99 for a two pack isn't all that bad actually. I went to buy some pies in Franklins today and they wanted between $6.50 and $9 for a four pack depending on the brand. If your bought 2 packs of the aldi ones thats $8 for four pies. Pretty average really.

    I quite like "Scotts" brand pies. Does anyone know how they fared on choice? They can usually be picked up as a 6 pack for $5 from supermarkets. Look for the "generic" yellow and red labelling. :)

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