The Anime Office

The Anime Office

If you’re going to have a collection it might as well be proudly displayed. Today’s featured workspace belongs to an Anime fan who styled his office with an Asian theme and a well-lit display space for his Anime gear.

Lifehacker reader Aiko, hailing from Shanghai, has a compact office with a lot of Anime-focused style packed into it. One of our favourite things about his workspace — unabashed commitment to working Anime figurines into every possible aspect of it aside — is the break from using LED lighting. He opted to light his frosted desk from below but instead of using LED lights stuck right to the bottom he used spot lights attached to the lower supports of the desk. The effect is much more diffused than the hot spots LEDs can create. Check out his office in the gallery below.

The Anime Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


  • Hmm. I have a similar table – I’ve always been looking for a lightbox to make inking of my artwork easier.
    Might try that method; it seems far enough to not heat up the table – something I’ve had a problem with.

    I must say, quite an impressive display. Most Anime collections are all over the place; but I like the style here. Would be a room I’d be proud of owning – except for the oppai mousepad.

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