Takes Pictures In The Late Afternoon For A Lens Flare Effect

Takes Pictures In The Late Afternoon For A Lens Flare Effect

It’s not too hard to add some extra oomph in your photographs. Photographer Carla Ten Eyck has some simple tips for adding a dramatic lens flare effect. For starters, she suggests taking pictures in the late afternoon.

Photo by josh.liba.

Carla Ten Eyck’s lens flare tutorial contains several examples, along with the camera settings she uses. She highly recommends shooting in the late afternoon, with a low ISO setting. She notes that the “time of day to me seems like the biggest overall connector. I don’t think I have gotten lens flare(s) in the mornings…”

For some of her other tips for getting a great lens flare effect, check out the link below. Got any cool shooting tips for adding some dramatic effects to your photos? Tell us about it (and share images!) in the comments.

Lens Flare Tutorial [Carla Ten Eyck Photography]


  • Tip 1 : Exposure. try to get it right, but especially in the right part of the image. Turn off multipoint graduated median inbetween guesserising metering, or whatever they call it. Expose for the focal point of the image.

    Tip 2: Focus. obviously. but play with your aperture to change the focal range. Which leads to –

    Tip 3: Bokeh. Get a half decent lens, and crank that aperture open. Pretty much any shot can look better * 100 with an epic bokeh.

    Tip 4: Filters/post processing. Not photoshop filters – like actual filters you put on the front of your camera. Try ebay, and get some crappy ones for 10 bucks each, to have a play. If you really like the effect, spend the money on geting some good quality ones. try NDs, Grads, polarisers, macros, whatever. just have a play.
    For post processing – shoot in raw, and use Adobe Camera Raw (or other programs) to jump in and adjust sharpness, contrast, vignetting, etc. try making HDRS.

    Tip 5: Take a shit load of photos. But, think about them while you are taking them. notice the settings on your camera. Put it on full manual or Aperture priority. see which ones look best, repeat process.

  • The #1 tip for cool lens flares is to close the aperture down. The aperture blades are the component that give you the star-like pattern shown in the article picture…

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