Support Gizmodo’s Campaign For Kate Lundy As IT Minister

Support Gizmodo’s Campaign For Kate Lundy As IT Minister

We’ve already had a switch of Prime Minister today, but almost as soon as that was announced, Nick over at Gizmodo kicked off a series of posts arguing for a change that could make even more difference to how technology is treated at a federal level: switching Senator Kate Lundy into the communications and IT portfolio.

Lundy is tech-literate and intelligent, which already seems like an improvement on the current minister responsible for IT, communications and related matters, Senator Stephen Conroy, the man on whose watch we’ve had dubious filtering and even more dubious tracking proposals. As well as offering up a couple of arguments for picking Lundy himself, Nick has also gathered in opinion pieces from Stephen Collins from and Geordie Guy at the EFA. The likelihood of a cabinet reshuffle might seem low, but this week has demonstrated that in Australian politics, literally anything is possible.


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