Support Gizmodo's Campaign For Kate Lundy As IT Minister

We've already had a switch of Prime Minister today, but almost as soon as that was announced, Nick over at Gizmodo kicked off a series of posts arguing for a change that could make even more difference to how technology is treated at a federal level: switching Senator Kate Lundy into the communications and IT portfolio.

Lundy is tech-literate and intelligent, which already seems like an improvement on the current minister responsible for IT, communications and related matters, Senator Stephen Conroy, the man on whose watch we've had dubious filtering and even more dubious tracking proposals. As well as offering up a couple of arguments for picking Lundy himself, Nick has also gathered in opinion pieces from Stephen Collins from and Geordie Guy at the EFA. The likelihood of a cabinet reshuffle might seem low, but this week has demonstrated that in Australian politics, literally anything is possible.


    And so how exactly do we support this? If through the comment system then consider it done.
    1 x Support!

    Anyone would be better than Senator Conjob.

    Could we be so lucky?

    Obviously, though, luck has very little to do with it. It's about making noise in the right places and exerting pressure.

    I think the campaign is a great idea. Also injecting some actual fact-based reasoning into our shallow political culture is a plus.

    Will you be getting any of the sister sites in on it?

    Yes please - where do I sign up? Maybe this is one that GetUp could push for?

    Conroy was one of the powerbrokers behind Gillards ascension into power, I highly doubt he is going away anytime soon. If I was to pick someone to be Telecommunications minister then it would be Scott Ludlam for the Greens, not only is he an ardent supporter of rights online he actually knows about computers unlike the long list of incompetent telecommunications ministers we’ve had in this country.

    No thanks.

    Nice work, we can only hope i guess!

    well then weblogs of the world, give us some sort of poll or other voting apparatus for the support to be forthcoming...

    Yes. Anything to stop Stephen Conroy!

    If you're a labour voter, send the party the anti-censorship message by voting below the line for the Senate and putting Conroy last.

      It's hardly more than a symbolic gesture but what an excellent idea. Come election time a "conroy last" how to vote card will need to be circulated...

    It would be great to have someone who's primary communications medium isn't chalk & slate.

    Oh to have someone in a govt position who actually understands the portfolio, you do realise that is sacrilege.

    Fat chance of this happening. Outside the tech world, the filter is a non-issue - the big comms issue for the government is the NBN and for that they need a head-kicker like Conroy who can bring Telstra in line. The chance of Conroy being replaced, especially before the election, is miniscule (unfortunately).

    You can "support" this by joining this FB group. Again not much more than symbolic gesture but better than nothing at all..!/group.php?gid=119055704806516

    In the election, regardless of what party you vote for, vote below the line and put Conroy DEAD LAST. Join the below facebook group, they will be providing "Conroy Last" How-To-vote cards for all parties. Remember to put Conroy last to send an anti-censorship message to the Labour Party.

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