Stockpile Your Favourite Iced Drinks To Keep Hydrated On The Cheap

Stockpile Your Favourite Iced Drinks To Keep Hydrated On The Cheap

If you want to stay cool and refreshed without breaking the bank, a combination of careful shopping and a cooler will keep you hydrated in style on the cheap.

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Sure you could just drink water. Nobody ever died from drinking room-temperature water. What’s the fun in that? Rather than bust your budget buying pricey iced drinks when you’re out and about – and when it’s getting warmer it’s easy to throw your budget to the wayside and buy a few $4 iced coffees or energy drinks — you can use this tip from the financial blog SavingMoney to enjoy all the chilled drinks your bladder can handle at a fraction of the price:

Stock up on Bottled Beverages and Keep Them on Ice: A bottle of soda can cost $US2.00. Some iced teas can cost much more than that. So-called energy drinks are even more expensive. Whatever drinks you enjoy, buy them in bulk when they are on sale and keep them on ice so that you can bring a few bottles with you when you leave the house. If you keep a cooler in your car, you can help to keep cold beverages chilled for hours and you will save as much as much 90% as compared to buying one bottle at a time while you are out.

While drinking tap water is surely the most economical way to go about staying hydrated the method outlined above will cut down on the cost of your beverages without resorting to filling up your bottle only from the office tap. Check out the full article at the link below for more tips on staying happily hydrated on the cheap.

Save Money Staying Hydrated [SavingMoney via Wise Bread]


  • definitely works if you stick to the plan however keep in mind that bulk purchases drive consumption i.e. if you’ve got a whole bunch of icy cold goodiness always at the ready you’ll probably consume 2 or 3 times more than if you only bought occasionally. You end up saving per unit but spending more overall.
    So work out how many drinks you slam down normally during summer and only drink that amount when you buy bulk

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