Still No Plans For Turn-By-Turn For Android In Australia

Turn-by-turn driving directions are an obvious feature for mapping applications on your favourite smart phone. Google today extended its turn-by-turn feature in Google Maps for Android to another 11 countries, but unfortunately Australia isn't on the list.

We asked Google if Australia was likely to see the service any time soon, and were told that there was "nothing to announce regarding Australia right now". That's not an outright it'll-never-happen, but it's still disappointing news for the many Android lovers out there.

Fun on the Autobahn: Google Maps Navigation in 11 more Countries [Google Mobile Blog]


    There's no need to wait for Goog to get it's house in order; the noble folks at xda developers have it covered already - no root or geeky fiddling required. In fact, it now starts to blow the official google maps out of the water by adding map cacheing, so it works when there's no signal.

    Stunning piece of work by Brut.

    We love android, but we don't need to hear about it all the time. ;)

    Meanwhile, the previously mentioned BRUT maps (based on google's) works ok for Aussie navigation on my rooted Hero.

      Brut's work kick arse.. but contrary to Roger.. we need more Android news..

      Poor Australian's don't know what their missing out on, as Android is hardly advertised down under if at all??

        i agree. we never see an "best android apps of the week" but seem to get one for apple almost every week.. since the results of the survey say more readers use android, why not cater to your audience?

        also, brut works great on my stock Desire..

    I blame Conroy!


      Thanks :)

      gets back in my box..

      maybe it is just the large influx of iPhone stuff that i normally see :P

    Turn by turn is working fine in the now free Ovi Maps on my Symbian phone.


    S, I, - M for Mary, B...

    Google will target the largest countries first. That is, those where their advertising will reach the greatest number of clients. The navigation app, like all google apps is designed to retrieve all user intel and usage trends, which allows for better targetting of advertisements. Google is after all, primarily interested only in advertising; it is their one and only cash cow.

    Note that this is not a knock against Google. I think it is just good business sense.

    Google need to update their maps before turn by turn would be of any use here. Perth has 2 major Freeway extensions that have been open for a while (18 months and 9 months) and are still not on

    What if I go to one of those countries which has this software? Will I be able to download it to my phone there and use the maps in that country? Or will I still be prevented from doing so because I have an Australian android phone?

      I'd be very surprised if you couldn't download navigator in the UK and have it work on your phone there.

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