Still No Joy With Qantas Mobile Check-In

Still No Joy With Qantas Mobile Check-In

Earlier this week, I gave Qantas’ mobile check-in option a spin, and found it effectively unusable on my BlackBerry. Why that happened wasn’t exactly clear, but a second attempt today to check in hasn’t worked any better.

Based on the phone’s error messages, several commenters speculated that the problem was due to a server problem rather than my choice of device. If that’s the case, then Qantas’ server is extremely unreliable, because I had exactly the same issue today trying to download a boarding pass after checking in.

After the BlackBerry failure, I thought I’d try checking in using an Android device instead to see if that would work better (yes, I’m geeky enough at the moment to travel with multiple smart phones). Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, since Qantas’ system won’t let you go through mobile check-in more than once, and simply advises you to use an airport kiosk or see a staff member. So I’m no wiser as to whether this is a BlackBerry-only problem, or a broader system issue.

On the original post, a Qantas staffer responded and promised an update once the cause is identified. We’ll look forward to that. Other comments also suggest that Virgin Blue’s system — which requires passengers to collect a small printout on boarding — isn’t exactly user-friendly either, so there’s clearly lots of work to be done across the board.


  • Hardly surprising really. These are the same companies that have their web servers crash every time they have a sale. The back-end server is probably 40 years old.

  • Flew Sydney-Melbourne round-trip last Thursday, the wife and I each used our iPhones to check in with no problems. Now if the Qantas Club bar would just open earlier in the day…

  • It is sometimes a nightmare in the iPhone too… Nightmareto find (got into the how to, the interactive demo, my bookings, frequent flyer updates, no sign of mobile check in button and almost messed it up and did online check without a printer!) Sometimes works but sometimes you finally get there and it does NOT. all this should have been fixed by now or just do not advertise it people

  • I’m also having problems on the blackberry but have a different message. I’ve made it work in the past but now I can’t get past a page that says the qantas mobile site has been built in html5 and css3. As your device doesn’t support or has partial support of this technology, we recommend you browse to Problem is won’t even come up because it defaults to this page.

    • You can turn off the ability for the page to access the mobile site, which then lets you log in, but dumps you back into the mobile site. Same result; doesn’t work 🙁 Doesn’t work on my HTC Desire Z, but it works fine on my colleague’s Galaxy S….. Both Android, same settings, as far as I can see; damned annoying.

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