Small Spaces In Paris: The Folding Workspace

When your recent move slices your living space down to a third of its previous size you need to be creative in how you squeeze a workspace into it. Today we look at a tiny, folding, but still functional workspace.

Lifehacker reader Nilltoe moved to a new place, a much, much smaller place. He writes about his adventures in building a tiny but expandable desk to fit his new living space:

I recently moved in a new flat in Paris... and going down from 95m² to 27m² was a really hard job.My previous desk would not fit the space I could afford in that small flat.

I therefore tailored a new desk from scratch to fit a 130cmx80cm (50cm at its smallest) area. I bought a plank... cut it to make a corner-desk and built up an extension to have more space just when I need to (meaning when I'm messy!) :)

The desk is undercoated in white, painted in yellow/orange to match the walls, and varnished twice. I fixed the extension to the desk itself and here we go! I still have to figure out a way to hold the extension up... any ideas ? :)

The desk looks great! It's no small feat to squeeze a desk in a tiny apartment. As far as suggestions go, we'd suggest getting a folding leg bracket. Get a suitable piece of wood to be the leg, paint and varnish it to match, and you've got yourself a sturdy, folding and lockable leg support your desk extension. If you have a suggestion for Nilltoe, sound off in the comments!

Small Spaces in Paris: The Folding Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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