Shades Of Grey: A Bedroom Home Office

Most people would advise you against doing a bedroom or workspace in dark grey. Today's featured workspace is a combination of both wrapped in dark colours and intense lighting for a great outcome.

Lifehacker reader Stallionz53 redid his bedroom to include hardwood floors, dramatic down lighting and a small but effective workstation. The whole area has a minimalist vibe and appears larger than it is thanks to the creative lighting. Check out the whole room in the photos below:

Shades of Gray: A Bedroom Home Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    I'm looking at my bedroom home office. An empty Eclipse tin, a Tupperware bowl missing a lid, filing for the past six weeks. One dumbbell, shopping dockets. Hmm, I think my office is not so chic, even if the effect of the "Shades of Grey" office is a bit sterile. BTW, grey was a very fashionable tone in the 80s (eg, Visage's hit "Fade to Grey") and this bedroom has a retro feel to it.

    The door with it's busy routing pattern and the picture frame above the bed look out of place, otherwise, I'd live in it.

    I have to admit I laughed at the ceremonial sword.

    I like a dark grey desktop background to lower glare, but a whole bedroom of it looks quite dreary I think. He's very neat though.

    This is very interesting as an photo retouching fan i really appeal me i am also thinking to implement some of the idea's. Thanks for the sharing.

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