Save Money On Windows And Office With A TechNet Standard Subscription

If you're planning on buying or upgrading more than one Microsoft product in a year's time, consider a TechNet Standard subscription. For $US200, you get, essentially, 100 installations of Windows, Office, and other Microsoft apps.

Windows writer Paul Thurrott points out the recent TechNet Standard addition to Microsoft's subscription-based software offerings as a savings over buying boxed copies, or even hunting down student and professional discounts for very specific options. With TechNet Standard, you get real, unlimited, lifetime activations of Windows and Office products, and as Thurrott points out, it covers a whole lot of computing:

It's for multiple installs. Each product key can be used to install up to 10 versions of the OS or application, for the most part. But that's actually 100 (yes, 100) installs for each Windows 7 product edition, because you can activate each key 10 times. So you get 100 installs of Windows 7 Ultimate, 100 installs of Windows 7 Professional, 100 installs of Windows 7 Home Premium, and so on.

It's notable that the Standard subscription is intended for one person, and for non-commercial use. In Australia, it costs $337, and it can only be accessed online, which is an issue to consider if you don't have a decent download limit with your ISP. Still, if there's one person in your household that just happens to administer all the computers, well, a one-year TechNet subscription sounds cheaper than buying Family Packs or individual upgrades.

If you know of another quiet but legitimate software deal, by all means—share it in the comments.

Save Even More Money with a TechNet Standard Subscription [Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows via Ghacks]


    I thought the licences were only valid while the subscription is active?

    Can someone please confirm if this is actually for home continual use or not? It appears that by stating it is not available for use in a live environment then that's stating not for continued personal use. Am I not correct?

    It seems using this for continued personal use is simply illegal.

      I've had a TechNet sub in the past (it expired over a year ago). I am still using, and able to activate all products attached to my account, despite the account having lapsed.
      I have installed products on both my machines, and my parents, (different IPs/ISP etc) and not had any problems.

      You're correct, Technet subscriptions are for evaluation purposes only.

      Buying this and using it in a home environment is the same as downloading a torrent, it just it costs you money.

    Since Windows 7 came out the technet activations have been 'more lenient' than in the past. The 'live environment' & 'evaluation purposes' restrictions however can be a trap if user's go to Microsoft for support; and they're not actually developers.

    It's also flaky to rely on the ebay sourced serials since Microsoft could enforce Technet subscribers to unload/change the serials linked to their account, so to flush out errant usage by refreshing or deleting currently used serials.

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