Queensland Trains Wi-Fi Trial Set For October

We've been tracking plans to offer free Wi-Fi on Citytrain services in Brisbane ever since they were first announced in April 2009. It's taken a while, but proper trials for the service are now scheduled to begin in October.

Darren Pauli at Computerworld reports that while a final decision on which companies will build the network won't take place until August, a proper trial — involving both connecting security cameras to the wireless network and offering commuters free access — could be underway by October. That's good news, as we've already established that leeching Wi-Fi at central Brisbane stations doesn't work very well.

QLD rail steams ahead with WiFi trial [Computerworld]


    This is a great idea! I hope the wifi is faster than the mcdonalds wifi , my notebook crashes on larger page loads very frustrating. Would you like wi fi with that ..upgrade

    I was told that the report about wifi on qr trains was wrong. In fact they are only extending 3g reception to cover all areas of QR metro tracks.

    This is ridiculous. Why do people have to have Wifi wherever they go... read a fricken book. Maybe do some thinking. Talk to people. Humans are so overly obsessed with gadgets. Take the opportunity to take a break on the train.

    You know, I'm all for adding these kind of features to our national railways, and not having ever used QL's rail network, I can't comment directly, but as a Melbourner, please fix the network first.

    Reduce dalays, increase reliability, increase capacity, improve the cleanliness and security of the service first...(hay, put conductors back on the trains, put armed guards on the trains if you have to!!)...casinos have face recognition software for targeting serial winners, we should invest in that technology to monitor troublesome commuters - put a life time ban on them if you must, I really don't care.

    Then you can add wi-fi

    come on guys, dont go getting too excited.
    This isnt a free wifi service designed for the comuter. its a wireless network for QR and they are shoe horning free wifi into it.
    the capacity WILL be crap, you might as well use the 3g on your phone or usb dongle.

    customers will always come second on this network so id be very suprised if it is in fact, "faster than than the mcdonalds wifi"
    oh and remember wifi on a moving object doesnt work all that great.

    All that said though, i do at least like the attempt to provide some extra service by QR

    I believe the trial will be free but when implemented the service will attract a substantial fee.

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