Qantas Says Mobile Check-In Bug Is Now Fixed

Qantas Says Mobile Check-In Bug Is Now Fixed

Earlier this month, we noted that Qantas’ mobile check-in service appeared to be broken, and the fact that we had a problem twice in one week suggested it wasn’t a one-off issue. According to Qantas, that mysterious bug is now fixed.

That news comes direct from the comments on the original post, where Qantas staffer Nicole Leeson has said that the issue is now fixed:

This issue has now been resolved. If you have any further issues I can be contacted on twitter @nicleeson

While a bit more detail would have been nice, we’re always happy to see Lifehacker’s comments used proactively. I’ll check just how well everything is working next time I’m flying domestically, though that won’t be for a couple of weeks.

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