Qantas Mobile Check-In Doesn’t Work On BlackBerry

Qantas Mobile Check-In Doesn’t Work On BlackBerry

Both Qantas and Virgin Blue have recently begun promoting mobile check-in, which lets you download a boarding pass direct to your smart phone. It’s a great idea, but a disappointing reality — at least if you’re flying Qantas and using a BlackBerry.

Qantas’ own site suggests that you can use a BlackBerry for mobile check-in (assuming you’re travelling from an eligible airport). Using the Pearl 3G, I was certainly able to check-in and have an SMS sent with a link to my boarding pass. However, when I actually clicked on that link, I got a stream of error messages as pictured above (click for a bigger version), suggesting that there was no way the bar-code was going to be displayed on my phone.

The BlackBerry is the second-biggest-selling smart phone worldwide, so Qantas not supprting it would be surprising to say the least. Given the error message pictured, it’s also possible that the Qantas check-in server was having a bad day — but that’s hardly a glowing testimonial for the option either. Either way, given how often I fly, I hope it gets fixed soon. If you’ve successfully used a BlackBerry to check in on Qantas, reassure me in the comments.


  • I found the whole experience of mobile checkin very lame. I got to the gate (Virgin) and showed them my phone and they oohed and ahed because they had never seen one before. On the plane they looked at me kinda weird and asked if the ground staff had given me a piece of paper, I said “No, I thought that was the idea that this was meant to be paperless”. A few minutes later one of the cabin staff hands me a small slip of paper with my Name and seat number printed on it. So apparently you are meant to go to the desk and swap your mobile barcode for a piece of paper – how ridiculous… so it saves paper by making it a smaller piece of paper than the paper boarding pass.

    • The Virgin one is working OK, now that the staff know what to do, when you swipe at boarding time, it automatically prints the small docket for showing to the crew on the plane – the strangest thing about the Virgin experience is that if you use your mobile to board, in theory you have to immediately turn it off before boarding by the rear stairs, which isnt really practicle.

      The best advantage in my mind is that it means I can check in and get a good seat, even without being near a computer/printer (checking in early is important for virgin!)

  • I tried to check in via my HTC TouchDiamond. The staff at the gate in Sydney seemed to know about the system but the 2D bar code that was sent as a link was so small that I doubted that the reader would be able to scan it………not wanting to be at the front of a queue with an unscannable bar code I chickened out and checked in at the gate. The staff told that when you use the 2D bar code at the gate the system will print out your seat number and name to take to the plane staff.

    It might also be better if an MMS with the bar code was sent rather than a link. A link means having to fire up a browser etc. Really all too much hassle……….BUT the ability to check in and get a seat allocation from the phone itself is great.

  • Had similar issues with Qantas and my Xperia X10 flying domestic last week. Ended up having to manually enter details at the e-Ticket check-in booths at the airport

  • Hi Angus and readers. My name is Nicole Leeson and I look after the Online Customer Experience for Qantas. We are sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced with using our mobile site and are currently investigating what may be causing the issue. I will post another update once we have more information. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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