Pir Creates Directory Folder And File Lists

Pir Creates Directory Folder And File Lists

Windows only: Pir is a lightweight Windows application that creates text lists of folders and directories for exporting — handy for quickly sending a friend lists of your music collection or ripped movies.

The small application, which requires no installation, is a quick solution for providing others to the contents of your folders or saving a list of folders for some other reason. If you’ve got friends asking what’s in your massive media collection, instead of providing a cumbersome explanation, Pir makes it simple.

The program exports lists to RTF, TXT and CSV format. Pir is a free program for Windows only.

Pir 1.11


  • Or, open command prompt, and run “dir > file.txt”
    then open file.txt

    try the switches /s and/or /b on the dir command to include subdirectories or use a “bare” format without dates etc.

    e.g. “dir /b/s > file.txt”

    • I see your dir and raise you a tree.

      tree /f /a > output.txt

      This will shoot out an ascii representation of the files and folders in a given location in a pretty text file 🙂

      It’s worth noting that tree is Windows Vista and above 🙂

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