Payclick Account Maintains Your Privacy When Shopping Online

Payclick Account Maintains Your Privacy When Shopping Online

If you want to use a credit card to pay online but don’t fancy your credit card number and other personal details with every passing web site operator, your options until recently have been limited to using PayPal (assuming the site supports it) or getting yourself a disposable one-time credit card. Visa’s new payclick service is aiming at that gap, allowing secure payment for transactions from an account that can be funded by a credit card or bank account.

Like PayPal, PayClick requires you to register for an account and that the site you want to buy from supports it. You can add funds directly from credit and debit cards, or via Bpay.

At launch in Australia, sites using it are BigPond Games, BigPond Music, Flexischools, Habbo, iTunes and Kids Helpline. Of those, arguably the most useful and notable are iTunes and Big Pond Music, which can now offer a means for non credit-card holders to purchase music without needing to purchase a separate voucher or gift card.

One option that might appeal to parents is the ability to set up ‘sponsored’ payclick accounts for teenagers or kids. Purchases on those accounts can be monitored by the account owner, and you can schedule regular ‘pocket money’ payments into them.

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  • When I first saw this, I thought it might be a service to automatically generate a temporary credit card number that’s tied to your actual card, but expires very quickly. That would be very useful.

    I can’t see any use for this at all. PayPal already does what this does, and more places support it.

    • How much competition does Paypal have? Plus their customer service sucks! I think once web sellers start to take it up, at the very least it’s another choice! 🙂

      • I’ll wager a fair amount that Paypal’s ‘customer service’ is MUCH better than PayClick’s feeble attempt — that is, email as the only form of correspondence and i have been trying to set up a seller account for 6+ months with multiple emails to their one email and nothing back.

        Yes there is an internet black hole and it is situated with in the PayClick office space!

        C’mon Google Checkout Australia!

  • So this is just another option other than PayPal. What does it do that is more or better than PayPal?

    The only extra thing I see is that the account can be funded with BPay though your Bank account.

  • I don’t know what PayPal customer service is like but Payclick sucks big time. I have tried a number of times to get a newly created payclick account verified with itunes. I have raised 2 help tickets with them and both have been closed but not resolved. The reponse to my second ticket even asked me some questions, but still closed the ticket!
    Plus they don’t refund deposits so I can’t even get my money back….

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