Pack A Shower Curtain Liner For Clean And Dry Picnicking

Even on a beautiful sunny day the ground can be surprisingly wet, pack a shower curtain liner in your basket for a dry time at your picnic, concert in the park or anywhere you throw your picnic blanket.

In the above video the editors of Women's Day magazine highlight five ways you can use a shower curtain liner besides keeping your bathroom dry. Among the tips in the video is packing a liner to keep your picnic blanket dry. Thumbnail by theswedish.

Even on sunny day the ground can be wet — early in the day it can be wet from the dew, later in the day it can be wet from earlier showers — and something as simple and cheap as a shower curtain liner can keep your nice thick blanket from getting soaked with water.

Have a clever outdoors-related tip to share? Let's hear about it in the comments. Planning a picnic this weekend? Make sure to check out 101 quick and easy picnic dishes.

5 Ways: Shower Curtain Liners [Woman's Day via Apartment Therapy]


    When we travel we take a $2 shop shower curtain with us. When we wash clothes in hotel rooms we tie our clothes line to some convenient, and hopefully strong, poinst in the room and hang the wet clothes up to dry. The shower curtain goes on the floor and catches the drips.

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