Our Hackintosh Build Upgrades Without Issue To 10.6.4

Apple released Mac OS X 10.6.4 just over a week ago, and if you've been waiting to hear whether it works on systems built following our start-to-finish Hackintosh guide or the newer no-hacking-required guide, I've got good news: I finally got around to installing the update, and the Hackintosh upgraded without issue.

That means the process involved in updating your Lifehacker-approved system is dead simple — it's the same one regular Mac owners use. Launch Software Update, grab the update and restart.

Note: To be very clear, I'm referring only to Hackintosh systems built using our instructions. If you built a different Hackintosh, be it a netbook or any system that didn't use the main recommended hardware in our build, your mileage may vary. I can only vouch for the system I built.


    Hey , I love the build works great. I was wondering if I'll be able to upgrade the Graphics card without any problems. Could you post or list any suggestions on what i'll need to upgrade my graphics card current graphics right now is 9800GTX +

    Thank you,

    I followed the instructions, but when I boot the USB drive, I get to the screen with the apple logo and it just sits, not accessing the drive... Any tips?

      Once I boot from usb drive gray apple screen shows up. It loads for about a minute and then the screen turns black and I never get to the language selection screen.

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