Occupation Guides Remain Your Best Friend At Tax Time

There are some tax deductions pretty much everyone can claim (such as the cost of getting an accountant to do your tax the previous year). To make sure you're getting all the deductions allowed for your particular job, check to see if there's an occupation guide covering it.

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We pointed out the occupations guides for last year's Tax Week, and they remain a straightforward way of making sure you're claiming everything relevant to your occupation (and not claiming anything that isn't allowed). Hit the link below to see if you're covered: there's more than 30 on offer, so the chances are quite good.

Also worth noting is that each year the ATO singles out specific occupations and writes to people working in those fields, pointing out common errors made in claims for those jobs. This year engineers, teachers and mechanics are the chosen professions.

Industries and occupations [ATO]


    Where do Programmers / web designers fall in? The closest ('engineering'), doesn't mention anything to do with computers!

      I have the same problem. Im a graphic artist so wheres my deductions?

      I think we fall under "Information Technology Professionals". Look under "Basic topics" on the linked page.

    any idea where architects fit?

    Architects fit like square pegs in round holes. Engineers get the fun job of making architects' designs actually work! :)

    The ATO's engineering examples are too trade related, but are somewhat adaptable to technical professionals. Some of the claims in other trades and semi-professions are worthwhile skimming to see what may apply. }(

    Business Pro's and IT Pro's guides are better (and may help architects), but the adult industry and police informant guides didn't help me at all. ;)

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