NoteTabs Let You Write On Books And Return Them Unmarked

If you have trouble reading a book without making notes on it but you still want to return books to the library or friends unmarked, NoteTabs are clear Post-It style notes that let you write on books to your heart's content.

Photo by Erin Doland.

Functioning as a combination book flag and Post-It note, NoteTabs are an offering from Avery — the official Post-It version from several years back has vanished from the market — that make it possible to scribble notes all over a book. When it's time to return the book you simply peel off the tabs and your notes come with them. Visit the link below to order some — or grab the product number and see if your local retailer has them. Have a favourite office product to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Avery NoteTabs [Amazon via Unclutterer]


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