Mobile Foxtel Now Includes ABC, SBS Streams

Foxtel has added ABC1 and SBS One to the list of channels available on its Mobile Foxtel platform, marking the first free-to-air broadcasters available on the service.

The mobile option still isn't a particularly cheap way to watch free-to-air channels; you'll need to pay at least $12 a month for a mobile TV pack, and to have a Next G phone of some sort. (Data to watch the channels doesn't come out of your existing data allowance, fortunately.)

However, if you want a portable means of watching TV when there's no free-to-air set to hand, it could fill a need. The service works on the iPhone and several Android models.

Mobile Foxtel


    Mildly annoying though that Foxtel users cannot use this service if they are not NextG customers. Partially understandable, but still nonetheless annoying.

    Great ! $12 a month and ten times that in data charges, now that's a bargain.

    @ubetido : do you just make comments or actually read articles? As stated above, this service does not incur data charges.

    Do you still think your smart ass comment is smart?

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