Measuring The Carbon Footprint Of Common Activities

Tools for measuring your carbon footprint when you fly are pretty common, but it can be trickier to work out the impact of less intensive activities. At BBC News, author Mike Berners-Lee offers an interesting roundup of the carbon emissions of some everyday activities, ranging from a cup of tea to getting cremated.

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Admittedly, if you're dead, your ability to worry about your environmental impact will be minimised, but it's good to know it won't make too much difference:

Getting cremated is likely to be less than a 10,000th of your life's carbon footprint, at 80kg CO2e. On this one occasion you can treat yourself to whatever form of disposal you prefer, safe in the knowledge that you have already done the most carbon-friendly thing possible.

A couple of the examples are UK-specific (such as importing apples from New Zealand), but the article serves as a reminder that emitting CO2 is more or less unavoidable. That said, minimising it (and paying for offset activities if you can't) isn't too difficult either.

A bad reputation [BBC News]


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