Measure Distances Without Place Names In Google Maps

Want to know the straight distance between two points on Google Maps, without resorting to driving directions and figuring out location names? Google Maps just added a Labs feature that provides as-the-crow-flies distances in miles, kilometres, football fields, PostScript points, and more.

Head to your Google Maps Labs settings and enable Distance Measurement Tool. You'll now see a tiny ruler icon in the lower-left corner of the map frame—click it, and you can then click two points on the map to create a highlighter-style line between them. The left-hand panel will show your distance in feet/miles or metres/kilometres.

Hit the "I'm Feeling Geeky" link, and you get a whole host of other options, including Jewish temple cubits, light-years, extremely old-fashioned lengths, and something called a Smoot. Helpful for term papers, perhaps, and putting things in perspective the next time your parents ask why you don't visit more often (note: visit your parents).

Distance Measurement in Google Maps Labs [Google Operating System]


    Uh huh. But will it tell me how far it is to the fridge from the TV?

    Bing Maps has been doing this for about a month now.

    This has been available from Google Maps for ages under the 'My Maps' section. Now they're just promoting it

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