Make Life Easier With A Self-Service Dog Wash

Make Life Easier With A Self-Service Dog Wash

A filthy dog and a compact apartment don’t always make for a good mix. Save yourself the hassle of forcing Rover into the laundry tub by hunting down a self-service dog wash.

Aussie tech journo Dan Warne recounts how a hard-to-locate dog wash at his neighbourhood car wash has made keeping his two dogs clean a much simpler task:

I’m really happy about this, because our dogs hate the cold water from the garden hose (they let out a sort of blood-curdling howl when we try to wash them with it) and washing them with buckets of warm water carried from the kitchen means we wash them less often than we’d like to, because it’s a bit of a hassle.

While self-service dog washes don’t seem to have gone out of their way to promote themselves online, you can find a partial list of locations (generally car washes) offering self-service dog washes at this manufacturer web site. Got your own favourite dog-washing location or tip? Share it in the comments.

Self service dog wash in inner west Sydney! [The Warne Account]


  • There used to be one of these opposite the lunch room window where I worked. I used to love watching the dogs having their “bathies”.
    One summers day a woman bathed 2 medium sized dogs and, after she was finished, she bundled them into the boot of her car, shut the lid and drove off. I was too far away to get her registration number or I would have reported her.

  • the photo looks just like the one a Pa’s Pantry in The Basin (Vic).

    They have a fenced off area so your dog can run around after the wash, or if you have more than one dog, while they are waiting. They also have 2 of these, so there is never any waiting.

    One tip, is that if you have a dog like mine (a Husky) that has the double coat, the air dryer works very well at drying them, but no matter how much washing you do, it will result in very fine hairs flying everywhere and sticking to everything.. so perhaps towel dry or be prepared for the massive mess..

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