Make A Pen Holder Out Of Floppy Disks Redux

Make A Pen Holder Out Of Floppy Disks Redux

If you were running out of things to do with old 3.5-inch floppies back in 2008 when we first shared a tutorial on how to turn them into a pen holder you’ve certainly run out by now. We’re back with new designs.

Lifehacker reader Vokabre’s floppy disk recycling designs definitely kick things up a notch from the simple pen holder we shared with you two years ago. You can use the same Instructables tutorial to learn how to bind the disks together and Vokabre’s pictures for inspiration.

Check out the link below for more pictures of his floppy creations. Have a DIY project you’re dying to share? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

Vokabre’s Floppy Disk Containers [Lifehacker Tips Testers Pool]


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