Lunchtime Wrap: Season Passes & Gmail Notes

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Wednesday? Here's the best posts you missed.

What’s A Fair Price For A Season Pass? Buying a season pass on iTunes is an easy and legal way to keep up with some of your favourite shows. But what’s a reasonable price to pay for that access?

How To Sync iPhone Notes To Your Gmail Account It was previously impossible to easily synchronise your iPhone’s notes between devices, but yesterday’s iOS4 firmware update adds a feature capable of saving notes directly — and conveniently — to your Gmail account

Occupation Guides Remain Your Best Friend At Tax Time There are some tax deductions pretty much everyone can claim (such as the cost of getting an accountant to do your tax the previous year). To make sure you’re getting all the deductions allowed for your particular job, check to see if there’s an occupation guide covering it.

JustPictures Is Speedy And Web-Integrated Photo App For Android If you’re looking for a more versatile picture viewer than the default app that came with your Android phone, JustPictures is a lightning-fast and web-integrated photo viewer for Android phones.


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