Lunchtime Wrap: Digital TV & Compact Wallets

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Here's the best posts you missed.

Why The Digital TV Switch Off Is (Almost) Irrelevant Tomorrow sees the first region in Australia, Mildura/Sunraysia, switch off its analogue TV signal and move to a totally digital regime. While it’s a historic moment, it doesn’t take John Logie Baird to work out what it actually means: not all that much.

You Really Can Make Your Wallet Smaller This picture from luggage-obsessed blog Carryology demonstrates a point we’ve often made before: it really is possible to compact your wallet. Both wallets contain the same number of cards and the same amount of money, but there’s no question which one will look better in your jeans pocket.

Kindle For Android Brings The Best eBook Reader To Your Smartphone, No Kindle Required We’ve had a Kindle app for the iPhone for awhile, and more recently for BlackBerry, but today, Amazon released the long-awaited Kindle for Android application, allowing you to read Amazon ebooks on your smartphone, whether or not you have a Kindle.

Universal USB Installer Makes A Persistent Thumb Drive Version Of Any Linux OS Having a full Linux operating system on a USB thumb drive is pretty neat. Having that OS customised, with your own favourite apps and all your settings intact, is far more helpful. This Windows tool makes that possible.


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