Lunchtime Wrap: Android Plans & OS Battles

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Planhacker: Complete Android Australian Contract Phone Deals Android is a massively popular option for Lifehacker readers using mobile phones, but there’s a huge range of potential models and plans on offer. Here’s a summary of all the best deals currently available from Australian carriers that we could find.

How To Maximise The Battery Life Of Your Windows Laptop So you forgot your power cord on your way to an important meeting or the coffee shop. We’ve all been there. There’s nothing you can do to stop your battery drain, but you can do a lot to slow its inevitable demise.

Top 10 Windows Applications That Should Be On Macs Macs are their own little universe of hardware, design, and software. It’s an incomplete universe, like any other, but a nerd can dream. These are 10 applications we wish made the jump from Windows to Mac to make it a better place.

Top 10 Mac Applications That Should Be On Windows We love what Microsoft’s done with Windows 7, but when we boot into Windows after spending a good amount of time on a Mac, here are 10 applications we sorely miss.

How Often Do You Use A Clothes Dryer? Clothes dryers offer the fastest route to dry clothes in inclement weather — and also one of the fastest ways to send your electricity bill skyrocketing. How do you balance the two?

Vuvuzela Filter Strips Droning Horns From World Cup Broadcasts You can use our EQ filter method to silence the dreaded vuvuzela sounds in World Cup broadcasts, but if you’re looking for a more automated solution, a sound engineer has whipped up some software that cuts out just the right frequencies.


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