Locals And Tourists Flickr Helps You Avoid Tourists On Holiday, Find Local Favourites

You've picked a city for your upcoming holiday; Flickr user Eric Fischer's Locals and Tourists image set of cities across the globe details exactly where tourists like to hang out around town — so you can avoid them.

Photo by Eric Fischer; city of San Francisco.

We recently highlighted a similar service aiming to help you avoid tourist traps, but where the World Touristiness Map focused on really high-level data, Fischer's images focus on specific tourist hotspots within cities. Based on geo-tagged photos and specific time ranges, the Flickr set provides city-wide information for 80 different cities across the globe. While street names aren't identified, the Locals and Tourists Flickr set shows major regions where tourists are most likely to congregate based on their photo-taking.

Blue points on the maps are pictures taken by locals or by other people over a period of a month or more. Red points indicate tourists and people who were in the city for less than a month. Yellow points highlight photos lacking the information necessary to identify whether the photographer was a tourist.

The detailed heatmaps cover over 80 cities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Locals and Tourists [Flickr via Gawker]


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