Late-Night Snacking Will Ruin Your Teeth

Midnight snacking hunched over a monitor is the geek way. But as well as ruining your sleep patterns, it turns out to be demonstrably bad for your teeth.

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BBC News reports on a Danish study which examined 2,217 people and found a significant correlation between late-night snacking and tooth loss. That doesn't mean you should necessarily cut out the snacks entirely, but you do need to follow sensible dental hygiene, as British Dental Association scientific advisor Professor Damien Walmsley explained to the BBC:

Eating at night, when the mouth is driest and any food remains in the mouth longer, accentuates the impact of consuming sugary and acidic food and drinks. To minimise damage, it is important to brush teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, with one of those brushes coming immediately before bedtime. Where possible, consume only water for at least an hour before the final brush of the day.

Choosing healthier snacking alternatives is also a good idea.

Midnight snacking damages the teeth, experts warn [BBC News]


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