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You wanted prepaid broadband deals, tax advice and lots of software ported from Windows to Mac and vice versa. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Planhacker: Complete Australian Prepaid 3G Broadband Deals Guide
    A prepaid 3G broadband service is a great option for people who occasionally want Internet access on the road, or who want a backup option if their main Internet connection goes down. Here’s what’s currently on offer in the Australian market.
  2. The New iOS4 Shortcuts, Features, Settings You Need To Know
    Apple just released iOS4 for the iPhone and iPod touch, and now that you’ve downloaded and upgraded to the much-hyped iDevice update, here’s a look at the new shortcuts, settings and features you’ll need to know — and want to use.
  3. Top 10 Mac Applications That Should Be On Windows
    We love what Microsoft’s done with Windows 7, but when we boot into Windows after spending a good amount of time on a Mac, here are 10 applications we sorely miss.
  4. Top 10 Windows Applications That Should Be On Macs
    Macs are their own little universe of hardware, design, and software. It’s an incomplete universe, like any other, but a nerd can dream. These are 10 applications we wish made the jump from Windows to Mac to make it a better place.
  5. What Telstra’s $11 Billion NBN Deal Means For Consumers
    Coverage of Telstra’s $11 billion deal to migrate its customers to the National Broadband Network has been rampant in the last few days, but much of that has focused on the business and political implications for the company. What will it actually mean for the mug punter?
  6. New Things To Consider On Your 2010 Tax Return
    The basics of maximising your tax return remain the same every year — keep good records and deduct what you can — but there’s constant changes to the rules. What are the big-picture changes to tax for individuals in 2010?
  7. Lifehacker’s Five Step Australian Tax Guide
    While there’s always new changes in tax rules to absorb, the fundamental principles of getting your tax return in on time (and your refund as fast as possible) don’t change from year to year. Here’s the most important things to remember.
  8. How To Downgrade From iOS 4 To iPhone 3.1.3
    A lot of iPhone 3G owners — myself included — have discovered that upgrading to iOS 4 has slowed their devices to a crawl. If you decide the new features and shortcuts just aren’t worth the glacial performance, here’s how to downgrade your iDevice.
  9. Occupation Guides Remain Your Best Friend At Tax Time
    There are some tax deductions pretty much everyone can claim (such as the cost of getting an accountant to do your tax the previous year). To make sure you’re getting all the deductions allowed for your particular job, check to see if there’s an occupation guide covering it.
  10. How To Prevent Your Computer From Overheating (And Why It’s Important)
    Keeping your computer running within safe temperatures is important, especially as the temperature rises outside. Here’s how to make sure your computer’s not overheating — and how to fix it if it is.


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