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You wanted Lifehacker Pack 2010, you wanted better storage solutions and you wanted better Internet connections in hotels. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • How Work Travellers Use The Internet In Hotels
    If you’re travelling for work, then a decent Internet link is likely to be high on your list of priorities. But just what do travellers use that connection for? The answer turns out to be: not email
  • Lifehacker Pack 2010: Our List of Essential Windows Downloads We feature hundreds of different downloads every year at Lifehacker. If all you want is the best of the best, look no further than our annual Lifehacker Pack: One download that installs only our favourite, must-have Windows applications in a few clicks.
  • VLC 1.1 Release Candidate Supports Google's WebM, Hardware Acceleration (Windows) We've mentioned a few of the new, exciting features coming in VLC 1.1, but now you can download the more stable release candidate and try them out, including support for the open, royalty-free WebM video format.
  • iiNet’s NBN Pricing: No Cheaper Than $49.95 A Month
    When Primus’s NBN pricing for Tasmanians was revealed recently, Lifehacker readers weren’t too impressed. I’m not sure how much happier you will all be with iiNet’s newly-announced offer.
  • Five Best Computer Diagnostic Tools Computers are easier to use and more dependable with each new generation of hardware and operating system update, but that doesn't mean they're problem-free.
  • IOGraph Makes Art From Your Mouse Tracks (Windows/Mac/Linux) IOGraph is a free utility that tracks your mouse movements to create surprisingly beautiful works of computer art.
  • What’s Your Phone Of Choice, And Why?
    Last week, Nick over at Gizmodo asked readers what their current mobile phone of choice was. It was a pretty interesting exercise, so I figure it’s worth repeating for Lifehacker as well.
  • Top 10 Creative Ways To Store Your Stuff Figuring out the smartest places to store your stuff is time well spent-mostly because it results in time you don't spend cleaning. Here are 10 smart storage solutions for your excess cords, shoes, spices, and all kinds of computer stuff.
  • Ask Lifehacker: Is This A Dumb Time To Buy An iMac?
    Dear Lifehacker, I’m thinking of buying an iMac, but looking at the previous release dates it looks like a new model is going to be coming out soon.
  • What Settings Should I Change On My Wi-Fi Router? Dear Lifehacker, I just moved into my first apartment, and bought my first Wi-Fi router. It's a standard Linksys "blue box," and seems to work fine, but I'm wondering-are there any settings I should be looking to change?
  • Is A Creepy, Probably Effective Productivity Tool (Windows) We go through a lot of trouble to keep people from seeing everything we do on our computer, but free web service aims to do the opposite: allow your family and friends to watch your activity to keep you productive.
  • Enable Motion Interpolation For Movies On Your PC The debate over frame interpolation is starting to heat up, and you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Tech weblog Tested has a guide to enabling it on your PC and watching your movies with doubled frame rates.
  • Opera 10.6 Alpha Gets Even Speedier, Enhances Interface (Windows/Mac/Linux) Opera's 10.5 browser release caught tech testers off-guard with its faster-than-Chrome JavaScript engine and page loading. An early 10.6 release promises even more speed boosts, along with some tab and Windows-7-focused interface improvements.
  • The Luxury Loft Desk Buying a loft bed is a simple solution for getting more space in a small room. Building a loft bed, complete with hardwired lighting, speakers, and custom storage? That's a bit trickier and the focus of today's awesome workspace.
  • OffMaps Downloads Maps For Offline On-the-Go Access (iPhone) OffMaps downloads regional maps for offline map access on your iPhone, great for finding your way when you don't have a data connection or avoiding data roaming charges if you're travelling abroad.
  • Google Search Homepage Gets User-Customisable Backgrounds We've always liked the minimal homepage, but if you prefer a little spice to your search page (à la Bing), you'll like Google's new background image feature.
  • Firefox 3.6.4 Release Candidate Stabilises Flash And Other Plug-Ins (Windows/Mac/Linux) The release candidate is out for Firefox 3.6.4, an update that will bring much-needed plug-in isolation and crash-proofing to Firefox's stable build. If you want to check it out early, the all-but-finished release candidate is yours for the taking.
  • Where's My Droid Helps Locate Your Android Phone Near And Far (Android) Where's My Droid can help you locate your phone whether you lost it in the couch cushions, left it at a coffee shop, or it's going on a ride across town to call some Nigerian princes.
  • DownThemAll 2.0 Beta Adds Great New Features To The Killer Download Manager (Firefox) DownThemAll, the Firefox extension that lets you automate and supercharge your downloads, is getting a big upgrade with a 2.0 release. Download throttling, private browsing support, Flash and HTML5 video grabbing, and lots more power user additions are on the way.
  • EasyWords Teaches Languages Through Regular System Tray Questions (Windows) Big boxes of Rosetta Stone CDs and language dictionaries sit untouched more often than not, due to their imposing heft. EasyWords just asks you a multiple choice or write-in question every so often, helping you learn or hone a language.
  • Early 64-Bit Firefox Builds Available For Testing (Windows) If you're one of the up-and-coming computer users who have switched to a 64-bit OS, Firefox can now reap the benefits. Automated builds of a 64-bit Firefox release for Windows are available for testing and development.


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