Key Dates For 2010 Tax Returns

Got your tax affairs organised but want to know when things happen? Here's the crucial dates to remember for individual taxpayers.

  • June 30: End of financial year 2009-2010.
  • July 1: e-Tax software for 2010 released.
  • July 31: Hassle your employer if you haven't received your payment summary by this date.
  • October 31: Individually submitted 2010 tax returns due.

If you want to keep a closer track on tax-related dates, one handy resource is the ATO Twitter account, which includes key dates as well as other useful tax information.


    Thanks for the reminder! The calendar looks cool, where is it coming from? I tried to print this blog entry to pin it on my wall, but it doesn't seem to have a print media stylesheet...

      Are you referring to the actual list of dates or the picture?

    The link, links to the thumbnail rather then the full sized image.

    NM, I thought for some reason there was a calander with some enteries on it.

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