iPad Books Software Still Messy For Australians

iPad Books Software Still Messy For Australians

People are using Apple’s iPad for lots of things, but one of the key selling points for any tablet device is as an e-book reader. In that respect, and especially for Australian buyers, the iPad still looks like a work in progress.

At MacTheBlog, Alex Kidman compares the iPad’s own iBook application with the iPad-specific apps of its two main bookstore rivals, It’s no surprise that right now there’s no content in the iBooks store that isn’t public domain. What is surprising, and potentially annoying for iPad owners, is how poorly the rival applications perform. Kindle uses an odd mixture of its own reader and the Safari browser, while Kobo’s application mangles existing files:

For whatever reason, the App interprets the same ePub files with a slight offset on every page. It’s rather like someone has grabbed a physical copy and jammed it too tightly into a photocopier, leaving the margin of one page spilling onto another.

Apple advertised for a local iBooks manager back in March, so the situation should improve eventually. Hopefully they’ll also address another concern for early adopters, a lack of metadata that would make browsing easier. Hit the post for full details of where else the iPad needs to beef up its books performance, and share your own thoughts on using it for reading in the comments.

A little light reading [MacTheBlog]


  • The Kindle app is fine, really, but for another reader app from left field – for those with a US iTunes account (that should be all of us) – try the Ibis Reader for iPhone and iPad

    It was developed by a leader in ebook software tech. Great font support.

  • A bigger problem as I see it, having had my iPad for a week now, is the total and complete LACK of purchasable books. I have money… I want to give it to someone to buy eBooks, I live in Australia… yet the dinosaur publishers and thier Balkanised territorial market place, say that I can’t buy most of the books I would want to buy. IDIOTS !!!

  • What about the Stanza app? I use it on my iPhone – I hope its available for iPad too! I have quite a few books from fictionwise that I read using Stanza.

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