HTTPS Everywhere Encrypts Connections To Almost Any Site That Allows It

Firefox: Inspired by Google's offering of an encrypted, HTTPS-connected search, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the TOR anonymous router network have teamed up to create an add-on that encrypts your connection to Facebook, Wikipedia, other Google Services, news sites and more.

Install the add-on, and by default, everything's checked, and any time you hit one of the sites covered by HTTPS Everywhere, your browser automatically goes for the HTTPS/SSL connection option, or uses TOR's resources to make it encrypted. The add-on covers the New York Times, Washington Post, Twitter and Facebook, and a good many popular and semi-obscure sites. If there's a site with an encryption offering you'd like to see included, you don't have to wait for an add-on update—write your own ruleset and add it to the simple XML config file.

HTTPS Everywhere is a free add-on for Firefox only. Know of a popular site that's got a good encryption option? Share it in the comments, and maybe some of our craftier coders can also share a ruleset.

Encrypt the Web with the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Extension [Electronic Frontier Foundation via BoingBoing]


    The BEST bit about this is that facebook chat doesn't work on https. That way you can still be signed in with Pidgin and not get the annoying pop ups when you're on the website

    Hope people can start developing and sharing heaps of other rules which we can add.

    I wish there was a site where those of us that don't understand how to make rule sets could go there to get prewritten rule sets. I would like to be able to click on a rule set and have it install itself like you can with Greasemonkey scripts.

    So far I live firefox,and i believe that we will become very good friends,

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