How To Report Unwanted Spam SMS

Spam is an apparently unavoidable fact of life in email, but it's still a shock to get an unsolicited marketing message to your mobile number. If you've experienced mobile spam, Australian communications regulator ACMA has set up a dedicated service to let you report it.

If you receive an unwanted mobile spam, simply forward it to 0429 999 888 and it will be added to ACMA's database. You can optionally register with ACMA to let them contact you for further information if needed, but that's not a requirement. Tracking down mobile spammers is a far bit easier than their email counterparts once the offenders are identified, so it's definitely worth helping out.



    Does the ACMA have a similar list for unwanted fax spam?

    Our office gets up to two of these a day! It's a huge waste of paper.

    Do people still suffer from spam? Spam is so 2001.

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