How To Insert File Text Into Outlook

Being able to insert text from a file sounds like a standard feature for any email client. Outlook does in fact support this option, but it isn't particularly easy to locate.

Technology blogger Helen Bradley discovered that there's no obvious way to insert text from a file, rather than simply attach the file itself. If Microsoft's ribbon logic was consistent, there'd be an option on the Insert tab, but there isn't.

To actually get the task done, you need to select the Attach file option. After picking the file, click the drop down next to the 'Insert' button, and select 'Insert as text' instead. Bradley's post describes the process for Outlook 2007; the same system is used for Outlook 2010 as well. We can hope Microsoft might fix this in a future release; after all, how hard would it be to add a 'Text' button in the Include group on the Insert tab?

Inserting text in an Outlook 2007 email


    I would never use Outlook, IE or Windows Media Player. I use open source software like SeaMonkey and VLC Media Player. Proprietary software is old-school, catch up with the times dude.

    or you could...

    1) Open text file in text editor
    2) Select All, Copy and Paste.

    so ... if there is a _files folder that contains css/images/etc, how do i include that when i insert as text so that html page content displays correctly? thanks, Mike.

    Sorry Angus that doesn't work in Office 2010 as they have removed the Insert text option from the menus and I cannot find it anywhere!!

      Ian -- go to the Insert tab, click on Attach file, and the drop-down Insert button is on the file attachment dialogue itself -- not on a menu.

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