How To Ditch Facebook's Like Button From Every Site

Even if you're happy with your Facebook privacy settings, you might find the relentless spread of its 'Like' button across the Internet annoying. Using Firefox extension AdBlock, it's pretty easy to get rid of that nuisance.

Blog The Gay Bar details how a couple of additions to your AdBlock rules can vanish the Like button from view. If you're especially privacy-conscious, the site also notes how you can use AdBlock to restrict Facebook's activities entirely to its own domain. Of course, at that point, making a strategic retreat from Facebook without sacrificing its benefits might make more sense. Thanks Nikhil!

F*ck Facebook's Like Button [The Gay Bar]


    I want to get rid of the 'share' button on every [age. Its always popping up over what Im trying to read or watch.
    Or at least change it to not pop open unless I click it. The mouse over pop open is annoying!

      Yes! Get tell us how to get rid of that bloody "Share" button!

      It pop up even when my mouse is nowhere near it sometimes.

      To block all the "Share" buttons, I added this filter in Adblock:


    RE: Warcroft

    just open Blockable items(Ctrl+Shift+V)
    and block should remove it,
    It's worked for me

      Thats it? Thats it!?
      Ive been looking for a solution for this for god knows how long and the only answers people would give me was to make custom scripts in Grease Monkey.
      But OMFG!!! Your suggestion, it worked! Its gone! That damn share button is GONE!

      I can not thank you enough. You have just made my interwebs a much better place.

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