How To Delay Sending Outlook Messages

How To Delay Sending Outlook Messages

Find yourself regularly regretting sending email off too quickly? Using Outlook, you can set an individual message not to send before a certain time, or delay all your email so you’ve got enough time to have second thoughts about that bitchy missive to marketing.

As the Crabby Office Lady blog points out, delaying an individual message isn’t difficult: simply click on the Options tab for a message, select Delay Delivery and choose a sending time. Setting up a permanent delay is rather more complicated — you have to define a mail rule — but the full procedure is outlined in detail on Microsoft’s own support site.

Note that if you’re using an IMAP or POP3 account, you’ll need to make sure Outlook is open at the scheduled sending time. (If you’re on an Exchange server, this isn’t an issue.) Gmail users can get a similar effect with the Undo Send feature, though that doesn’t offer as much time for remorse.

Outlook 2010 can save your hide: Don’t abandon ship quite yet — delay! [Crabby Office Lady]


  • any particularly angry email i don’t put the TO field in, to prevent accidental sending, then save the draft and just come back to it most of the time i pick up the phone instead or heavily reword the note. I haven’t sent an email in anger for a few years after watching a work mate click send on a very career limiting note.

  • I use the mail rule to delay non high priority emails by a few minutes (unless there is a send now category assigned to the message), but i keep forgetting about it and the email sits there and for time sensitive things its not useful. Its hard to set the category before sending and i don’t want the high priority tag on the mail i send out.

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