How The Gruen Transfer Organises Itself

Ad-dissecting panel show The Gruen Transfer returns to ABC1 tonight. While the program boasts a pretty nifty web site, it turns out that the process for producing it is fairly manual, as the accompanying picture of its planning wall (posted via the show's Twitter account) demonstrates.

We're in two minds about this image. One part of us can't help thinking that the same thing could be done much more effectively with a shared Google Docs spreadsheet, which would be accessible when everyone left the office and would involve rather less labour to create. But then the other part reminds us that it's more important to have an organisational process that works than to adopt technology for the sake of it. Given that the show is in its third season and has an expanded episode run, the team is obviously doing something right.


    Good to see the ABC brought it back!

    Google Docs is good, but it's hard to make it big and tangible on a wall.

    Or perhaps a Google Wave or real-time, shared editing? =)

    Great show. Cant wait for tonight

    think about it logically ,to replace that wall visually you would need 2 x 60" LCD Panels running whatever tracking software.
    I'd go with the $100 cork boards :)

    Link to the show's website is wrong.

      They had a splash page up yesterday, and then took it down! Fixed now, thanks for the spot.

    Get rid of Wil 'most unfunny man on TV' Anderson and I'll tune in...

      My counter example to that claim: Daryl Somers.

      (For the record, I like Wil Anderson, but comedy is virtually always a matter of taste.)

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