Hookturn BYO Cup Is A Green Way To Drink Takeaway Coffee

Your local coffee joint should already let you bring your own mug, but if you want something that has a lid and won't smash when it falls to the floor, the Australian-manufactured Hookturn BYO Cup — moulded from silicon to mimic a standard takeaway drink — is a pretty neat idea. At $10.95 for a small or $15.95 for a medium, it's not exactly cheap, but it's a simple way to reduce your paper and plastic waste if you can't forego a flat white or two every day. [Hookturn


    I use a keepcup (http://www.keepcup.com.au). It's a really good cup and also an Australian business. Pretty pricy at $15 so pretty pricy but inline with Hookturn.

    I played with one of these a while ago, and unless they've improved recently, I think they're too "squishy" to be practicle. I'll be sticking to the hard plastic one I have.

    otherwise known as a reusable coffee cup, available practically everywhere http://www.google.com.au/images?q=reusable_coffee_cup in varying degrees of likeness to the type you're used to.

    This is a very similar idea to the "keep cups" that are every where in the inner west of sydney now. Campos & Tobys both sell them with their store branding already on them, and down the road at blackstar (don't go in there - you'll be addicted!!!) do the non-branded version. Sure there's tonnes of other stockists as well.
    I like the idea of being able to buy them at the same place as you get your coffee - makes you think twice about the standard take away cups.

      For anyone in the Sydney CBD, note that Vella Nero also has keepcups, and they include a free cup of coffee. Plus they're cheaper than on the keepcup site!

    I also saw one in a shop in St Kilda somewhere, but I thought it seemed a bit squisy like Sutter suggested.

    Any owners think otherwise? Definite chance of car crashes resulting from excess squishiness-relating spills?

    Keepcups are heaps better. They are waaay more durable and the lid is more liquid-tight. Plus they are just aesthetically better.

    I love love love my keep cups - I have 2, my husband has 2!

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