Help Us Shut Down Bluebird TONIGHT!

Wow. It looks like Paul Kruger (aka Pavel Ryabov) is really going ahead with the launch of Bluebird. He's shown his true colours, pushing Harrison aside and knocking him out in a heated argument before dumping him unconscious in a desert! He needs to be taken down, and it's gonna happen tonight.

There has been so much hard work going on in the DC to Stop Bluebird, and we can’t give up now. Most of the files found by lun3terr3 have been unlocked, and we now know that the Field Array for Bluebird can be controlled via remote access. Kyle and lun3terr3 have managed to crack into the Field Array Remote Access System (RAS), but they need your help to shut Bluebird down. This needs to happen TONIGHT at 6pm AEST.

Help shut down Bluebird and stop Kruger from changing the planet forever!


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