Have Your Say On Fax Spam Rules

Email spam is annoying, but fax spam has a physical presence that should condemn its senders to the lowest circle of hell. ACMA is currently developing a national standard for the fax marketing industry (no, us neither) and it's looking for input from consumers.

Picture by kalleboo

Last year, fax numbers were added to the Do Not Call register, but that doesn't mean that fax spam has disappeared. The national standard, which is accepting submissions until August 9, will develop a code of practice that fax marketers should follow. Hit the link below for details on the discussion paper and how you can make a submission to it.



    I mean this is all well and good but what is the government doing about all of this telegraph spam I keep getting? Not to mention the smoke signal spam that clutters the sky every morning.

    Man I hate morse code spam.... :P They keep playing tunes that mimic ads.

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