Google Maps Now Offers Australian Suggestions

Google Maps Now Offers Australian Suggestions

You’re doubtless familiar with Google’s suggest feature, which offers choices for what you might be searching for based on what you start to type. Google has now extended that option to the Maps service in Australia, making it easier to narrow down locations on the map.

The suggestions are based on where you are zoomed into on the map, so typing the letter ‘Q’ when you are looking at the centre of Sydney will show the QVB as one of the options. If you’re signed into your own Google account, then suggestions based on your own search history will also continue to appear, and those options seem to appear first, so it’s worth scanning down the list a little.

How useful you find this might depend on how quickly you can type, but it’s nice to see any innovation on Maps actually arriving on the Australian service, given that the team which develops it is actually based down under.

Let us suggest … Google Maps’ suggestions [Official Google Australia Blog]

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